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Welcome to The Smoke Bloke

Thanks for stopping by to check out our blog. Check back regularly to keep up to date on current and future products, special order items, custom ordering and much more! We are not professional bloggers by any means, but we will do our best to keep you informed and hopefully entertained.

The Smoke Bloke? I’ve never heard of you before…

The Smoke Bloke was launched in March of 2014, and currently focuses on producing high quality cold smoked Atlantic salmon. Unlike many of the mass produced or supermarket freezer section brands, we take the time to do it right, using the time honoured practices of utilizing only the best fresh fish, taking the time to cure and smoke naturally without the use of artificial preservatives then hand carving, and never freezing to ensure the product maintains its delicate taste and texture. Doesn’t that sound better than preservative laden, machine sliced, vacuum packaged and frozen products? We thought so too!

No vacuum packaging here!

Vacuum packaging should be outlawed when it comes to smoked salmon! It squeezes the delicate texture right out of the fish. Although the technology has advanced a long way, we are NOT happy that there is a machine out there currently that can vacuum package our product in a delicate enough manner to avoid any degradation. Until we find a machine that can be gentle enough, we are sticking with hand packaging in butcher’s paper, or boxes comprising of 100% recycled content, and 90% post consumer content. This also ensures that we are able to keep to our goal of using recycled, biodegradable and sustainable packaging and ingredients wherever possible.

Ok, so we sell Smoked Salmon, anything else?

Currently we are focussed on having our cold smoked salmon available at a retail level (watch for our hours on social media and our website). We do have other products such as Gravlax, Citrus cured salmon, and Applewood cold smoked Ontario rainbow trout available through special order. We also offer platters of our cold smoked salmon which come with 1 pound (or more) of our delicious smoked salmon, whipped cream cheese, capers, pickled red onions and baguette rounds served on a re-useable aluminium platter. We can also arrange whole sides of smoked salmon for larger events. All platters, whole sides and specialty products require advance ordering and some minimums apply.

Still not convinced?

I get that. Come on by the shop during our retail hours (updated weekly on our website and social media) or visit us at the 707 Farmers Market at Bathurst St and Dundas St West on Thursdays from 3-7pm weekly (weather permitting) to have a chat about our product, our suppliers, our method, the weather, whatever really. We have nothing to hide! We are also happy to provide a taste of our product so you can see for yourself the difference. We are currently working towards being in a few more farmers markets over the course of the season, so stay tuned for info on that!

That’s it for today, have a great weekend everyone!

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