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Great Weather, Markets & Trout

What I love most about summer isn’t just the beautiful weather, but the total overhaul the city goes through every year. Once we have had a full week of good weather, you can see everyone’s mood change. They are out for a stroll, happily taking their time walking dogs rather than cursing at them to hurry up, having picnics in the park and just generally enjoying the weather-and lets face it, after this winter we all deserve it.

One of my favourite summer activities is frequenting as many of the food events and markets that are around the city every summer. This year however, I will be frequenting a few from the other side of the table. Currently, I can be found at the707 Farmers market located at Bathurst St and Dundas St W on Thursdays from 3-7pm, weather permitting. This market is located in the parking lot of the Scadding court community center, just off Bathurst. There is a variety of vendors including produce farmers, organic meat farmers and a variety of local artisanal producers including yours truly! It was recently listed as one of the top 10 food events in Toronto for 2014 by BlogTO. I am expecting to announce within a week at least one more market I will be attending as a vendor, so stay tuned for that. I have posted a few pictures from the market at the bottom of this post.

I am also very happy to announce we are rolling out our Applewood cold smoked Ontario rainbow trout. I have been playing with, adjusting and perfecting our recipe, and am finally happy with it. It is currently a special order item, however I will be announcing tasting days at our shop located at 1171 Victoria Park Ave, as well as when I will be bringing some to various markets for everyone to try out!

That’s it for this edition. Have a great week!

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