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Meet the Bloke!

This is Mike Taylor aka The Smoke Bloke...

Mike studied at George Brown College in Toronto where he received his certificate of chef training. When he completed his studies, Mike went straight into the kitchen and began his career as a cook. After a few months he picked up a job at a smokehouse in Toronto where his love of creating smoked foods began. Over the years he learned the basics of smoking and began to develop his own style of smoking foods.

Mike then moved to Melbourne, Australia where he worked in several prominent restaurants, eventually becoming the head chef of a small bistro in the north of the city. Upon his return to his hometown of Toronto he landed another job as head chef where he was able to produce all the smoked and cured foods served at the restaurant. After 3 years he decided it was time to follow his passion and strike out on his own to bring his fine smoked foods to restaurants and people all over Toronto. The bloke was born.

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